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Content Marketer
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I Got the "Write" Stuff

Whether the goal is to grow your customer base, convert sales, instill brand loyalty, or all the above, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to achieve results. As a seasoned writer and digital content marketer, I specialize in developing editorial that resonates with readers and cross-channel content that drives results. I particularly have a passion for social media and love when I can bring together everything from copy and design to video and imagery for authentic engagement. I also have a knack for storytelling and bringing brand voices to life through creative writing and conceptualizing.

Dedication, ambition, and creativity are the three pillars that have carved out my career path, and I hope to continue to use my skills and experience for meaningful and impactful work.

Beyond the Words

I'm an avid traveler, excessive bike rider and runner, animal lover, food enthusiast, and music buff! I consider myself to be a worldly person with a wild imagination and lust for life. I firmly believe that "life begins at the end of your comfort zone" and because of this belief, I have pushed myself to try new things, find unique adventures around the globe, meet people from different places, and discover my passions.

In my most recent endeavor, I left my tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY for a slightly bigger one in Denver, CO. My dog couldn't be happier! And I'm thrilled too! I thrive in a city environment, but find peace in nature—so where better than Denver to start anew? 

In my spare time, if I'm not deep into a Netflix binge, you might find me reading up on the latest paleontology discoveries (yes, I'm also a Dino nerd!) or on a hiking trail in search of wild and wonderful things.

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Oh hi! That's me with my best bud, Drogo!

Okay, Now Dig In!

Then, Let's Connect!

Location: Denver, CO

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