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Case Studies

smarTours Blog

My Role: Marketing Content Manager at smarTours

Goal: Create SEO-rich content that drives traffic to the website
and blog pieces that augment the greater marketing goals,
customer journey, and audience engagement.

Strategy: Build out consistent and authentic blog pieces that can
be holistically used across web, email, social, tour documents,
and sales. Keep a focus on greater marketing/promotion goals,
SEO, and what resonates with and persuades customers.

Tactics/Action: I began by researching industry trends and using data to determine destinations and topics of interest to the customer base. I then developed a comprehensive calendar that aligned blog content with promotional, marketing, sales, and PR goals. The calendar system also planned out content creation timelines and distribution on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

A crucial part to crafting successful content was hiring seasoned freelance writers to contribute blog pieces in addition the ones I was writing. After hiring them, I provided them with guidelines and framework for them to follow, which included SEO keywords and phrases. I also managed and edited them throughout their writing process.

I worked closely with the email marketing manager to funnel the right content to the right people at the right time. I also leveraged blog content on social media to drive engagement and nurture leads. Additionally, I teamed up with operations to develop and deliver upgraded tour documents that enhanced the customer’s experience, excitement, and preparedness leading up to their trips. Sales agents were also able utilize blog content as a tactic to convert leads.


- 20,000+ page views to blog content alone in the first four months after launch (successful against overall monthly web traffic of 55,000-65,000 page views)

- Search rankings for targeted topics reached between the 10th and 20th position after the first six months 

- Original blog content aided in the 1000% increase in social media engagement 

- Refreshed tour documents allowed customers to not only get more excited about their upcoming trips, but learn more about the destination and logistics, which lowered the number of inquiry calls of already booked customers

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La Quinta Digital Integration

My Role: Digital Copywriter at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Goal: Efficiently integrate La Quinta’s 900+ hotel properties
onto Wyndham’s site and rebrand as La Quinta by Wyndham
on the site. 

Strategy: In close collaboration with the greater digital
marketing team, we developed a robust five-month production
schedule and incorporated tight timelines to reach hard
deadlines. We also made this project our number one priority
with the support of our leadership. 

Tactics/Action: In the few weeks leading up to this project launch, we made sure we understood the timeline and goals, and shifted our workload accordingly. Because the copy team's main role was to completely rewrite each LQ property page for the Wyndham site, our director hired a team of 12 freelancers to do a majority of the writing. I took on 5-7 of the freelancers to edit and manage every week, in addition to the property pages I was writing and our ongoing work.

Each week we ensured our freelancers were staying on top of deadlines and adhering to the brand voice, style guidelines, and SEO practices. We continually met with the greater marketing team to track progress and make sure our workloads were balanced. Over the course of the five months, we stuck to our deadlines, helped each other out during hectic times, put in extra hours, and kept in close communication. 

I also personally worked with LQ brand marketers to craft the refreshed brand voice for LQ on the Wyndham site. This required creative brainstorms, an overhaul of their former brand pages, and the creation of new pages.

Result: Our copy team met each weekly deadline despite overall shifts in production schedule, and because of this, we beat our original final deadline. This allowed us to have ample time for reviews and implementation. It also enabled us to get ahead on marketing projects we had on hold. The LQ brand team was also thrilled with their new branding on the Wyndham website, which they widely promoted. 

LQ Property.PNG

Merck Oncology Lung Cancer Awareness Month Puzzle Game 

My Role: Assistant Account Manager at The SPI Group

Goal: In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the Merck Oncology communications team wanted to create a fresh, creative, and educational way to get Oncology colleagues and teams engaged and involved. 

Strategy: Use gamification to create interactive puzzles that the Oncology community could do both online and in person. I partnered with a senior account manager, designer, and programmer to carry out the project. Our approach included a great deal of creative brainstorming, thorough planning, and hands-on project management. 

Tactics/Action: After deciding on developing interactive puzzles, we nailed down all the specifics needed for design, copy, programming, implementation, testing, and promotion. I built out comprehensive calendars to streamline the process, provide each team member with deadlines, and effectively track progress. I also made sure we continually communicated with the Merck comms team to get approvals, provide updates, and address any issues. We allowed time for design and copy changes, programming challenges, and testing. We also created a plan and timeline for promotion, distribution, and change management of the puzzles throughout the course of Lung Cancer Awareness Month.  

In terms of design for the puzzles, we decided to release a new one every week that when pieced together presented important information about lung cancer in a visually appealing way. 

For platform design, we worked with Merck’s creative center to utilize an internal web page to house the gameboard, which made it easy to link to and distribute. The gameboard featured a space to piece the puzzles together, different difficulty levels, and a sidebar to choose a puzzle to do and tease the upcoming ones. To make it even more enticing and engaging, we made it competitive with a leader board that tracked fastest puzzle solve times. 

To promote and share the game, we teased it in newsletters, internal social communities, town hall meetings, and even leadership communication in the two weeks leading up to Lung Cancer Awareness Month. We continued that approach throughout the awareness month, especially to promote the new puzzle released each week. We made sure the game was usable on Merck iPads so that the comms team could create a booth in their building were employees could stop by and solve the puzzles on the iPads during different events throughout the month. 

Result: The puzzles were a resounding success with 700-1,000+ players each week. It created a new opportunity for employees to get engaged in a fun, yet educational way. It boosted engagement in the social communities, as people wanted to share their scores and encourage others to play and compete. A significant result of this project was the excitement from the client for the work we did. This was a Q4 project, so it aided in the comms team increasing their yearly budget with us, and requesting us to work on more similar projects. Feature Stories  

My Role: Assistant Account Manager at The SPI Group

Goal: Plan out a full calendar year of feature stories for
the company website. The stories needed to be unique, inventive,
fun, engaging, and educational. The Alcon communications team
wanted fresh stories that would be shareable on social media and
help showcase the company’s expertise and personality. 

Strategy: Brainstorm a wide range of story ideas for an entire year
and use our agency’s expert editorial, planning, and social media skills
to write, organize, and share stories.   

Tactics/Action: As the leader of this project, I began by researching more about the company, the eye care industry, and important topics for their customers. I also factored in major events, awareness days, and holidays they like to form content around. I brainstormed with my fellow colleague on numerous stories and built out an entire year-long calendar filled with weekly/biweekly stories. We brought an extremely creative and original approach to each story—from writing about micropsia and macropsia with an Alice in Wonderland story to exploring the eyesight of dinosaurs. 

Result: The client was looking for our agency to be extremely hands on and take this load of their plate. They were extremely pleased with the story ideas, thorough planning we did, and writing we did. It contributed to engagement growth on social media and opened a pathway for the company to share ideas and knowledge in an authentic way.  


In addition to the client being happy with our work, we also won an award for these feature stories! So I guess you could say I’m an award-winning writer!  

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